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317:25-7-7.Referrals for specialty services
[Revised 09-01-15]

(a) PCPs are required to assure the delivery of medically necessary preventive and primary care medical services, including securing referrals for specialty services.  Some services, as defined in OAC 317:25-7-2(c) and OAC 317:25-7-10(b), do not require a referral from the PCP.  A PCP referral does not guarantee payment, as all services authorized by the PCP must be in the scope of coverage of the SoonerCare Choice program to be considered compensable.

(b) Pursuant to OAC 317:30-3-1(f), SoonerCare Choice referrals must always be made on the basis of medical necessity.  Referrals from the PCP are required prior to receiving the referred service, except for retrospective referrals as deemed appropriate by the PCP.

(c) The PCP and specialty provider are responsible for maintaining appropriate documentation of each referral to support the claims for medically necessary services.

(d) As approved and deemed appropriate, the OHCA may provide administrative referrals for specialty services.  Administrative referrals are only provided by the OHCA under special and extenuating circumstances.  Administrative referrals should not be requested as a standard business practice.  The OHCA will not process retrospective administrative referrals, unless one of the following exceptions applies:

(1) the specialty services are referred from an IHS, tribal, or urban Indian clinic;

(2) the specialty services are referred as the result of an emergency room visit or emergency room follow-up visit;

(3) the specialty services are referred for pre-operative facility services prior to a dental procedure; or

(4) the retrospective administrative referral request for specialty services is requested from the OHCA within 30 calendar days of the specialty care date of service.  If the retrospective administrative referral is requested within the 30 calendar days, the request must include appropriate documentation for the OHCA to approve the request.  Appropriate documentation must include:

(A) proof that the specialist has attempted to collect a PCP referral from the member's assigned PCP; and

(B) medical documentation to substantiate that the specialty services are medically necessary pursuant to OAC 317:30-3-1(f).

(e) Nothing in this section is intended to absolve the PCP of their obligations in accordance with the conditions set forth in their PCP SoonerCare Choice contract and the rules delineated in OAC 317:30.

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