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317:45-11-21.Dependent eligibility

[Revised 09-01-16]
(a) If the spouse of an Insure Oklahoma IP approved individual is eligible for Insure Oklahoma ESI, they must apply for Insure Oklahoma ESI. Spouses cannot obtain Insure Oklahoma IP coverage if they are eligible for Insure Oklahoma ESI.

(b) The employed or self-employed spouse of an approved applicant must meet the guidelines listed in 317:45-11-20 (a) through (g) to be eligible for Insure Oklahoma IP.

(c) The dependent of an applicant approved according to the guidelines listed in 317:45-11-20(h) does not become automatically eligible for Insure Oklahoma IP.

(d) The applicant and the dependents' eligibility are tied together. If the applicant no longer meets the requirements for Insure Oklahoma IP, then the associated dependent enrolled under that applicant is also ineligible.

(e) College students may enroll in the Insure Oklahoma IP program. Effective January 1, 2016, financial eligibility for Insure Oklahoma IP benefits for college students' are determined using the MAGI methodology. See OAC 317:35-6-39 through OAC 317:35-6-54 for the applicable MAGI rules for determining household composition and countable income.

(f) IP approved individuals must notify the OHCA of any changes, including household status and income, that might impact individual and/or dependent eligibility in the program within 10 days of the change.

(g) When the agency responsible for determining eligibility for the member becomes aware of a change in the dependents circumstances, the agency will promptly redetermine eligibility for all household members whose eligibility is affected by the change.

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