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317:30-5-971.Coverage by category
[Issued 8-01-97]
Payment is made for case management service as set forth in this Section.
(1) Adults. There is no coverage for adults.
(2) Children. Payment is made for services to persons under age 18 as follows:
(A) Description of case management services. The target group for case management services are persons under age 18 who are in temporary custody or supervision of the Office of Juvenile Affairs (OJA), who are placed in own home or out-of-home care or Medicaid eligible recipients under age 18 whose behavior places them at risk of coming into the custody or supervision of OJA.
(i) Services are provided to assist a client in gaining access to needed medical, social, educational and other services. Major components of the services include working with the client in gaining access to appropriate community resources. The case manager may also provide referral, linkage and advocacy. Case management is designed to assist individuals in accessing services. The client has the right to refuse case management and cannot be restricted from services because of a refusal for Case Management Services.
(ii) Case management does not include:
(I) Physically escorting or transporting a client to scheduled appointments or staying with the client during an appointment;
(II) Monitoring financial goals;
(III) Providing specific services such as shopping or paying bills; or
(IV) Delivering bus tickets, food stamps, money, etc.
(B) Non-Duplication of services. To the extent any eligible recipients in the identified target population are receiving OJATCM services from another provider agency as a result of being members of other covered target groups, the provider agency assures that case management activities are coordinated to avoid unnecessary duplication of service.
(C) Providers. Case management services must be provided by case management agencies.
(3) Individuals eligible for Part B of Medicare. Case Management Services provided to Medicare eligible recipients are filed directly with the fiscal agent.

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