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[Revised 6-27-02]
(a) Payment rates are based on a geographic adjustment made for centers in rural and urban areas. A birthing center will be designated as an urban or rural entity based on the definition of urban and rural counties used by the Medicare program for reimbursement purposes. The urban areas (counties) are those inside the Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSA) and the rural areas (counties) are those outside the MSA.
(1) Urban areas:
(A) Canadian
(B) Cleveland
(C) Comanche
(D) Creek
(E) Garfield
(F) Logan
(G) McClain
(H) Oklahoma
(I) Osage
(J) Pottawatomie
(K) Rogers
(L) Sequoyah
(M) Tulsa
(N) Wagoner
(2) Rural areas:
(A) Adair
(B) Alfalfa
(C) Atoka
(D) Beaver
(E) Beckham
(F) Blaine
(G) Bryan
(H) Caddo
(I) Carter
(J) Cherokee
(K) Choctaw
(L) Cimarron
(M) Coal
(N) Cotton
(O) Craig
(P) Custer
(Q) Delaware
(R) Dewey
(S) Ellis
(T) Garvin
(U) Grady
(V) Grant
(W) Greer
(X) Harmon
(Y) Harper
(Z) Haskell
(AA) Hughes
(BB) Jackson
(CC) Jefferson
(DD) Johnston
(EE) Kay
(FF) Kingfisher
(GG) Kiowa
(HH) Latimer
(II) Leflore
(JJ) Lincoln
(KK) Love
(LL) McCurtain
(MM) McIntosh
(NN) Major
(OO) Marshall
(PP) Mayes
(QQ) Murray
(RR) Muskogee
(SS) Noble
(TT) Nowata
(UU) Okfuskee
(VV) Okmulgee
(WW) Ottawa
(XX) Pawnee
(YY) Payne
(ZZ) Pittsburg
(AAA) Pontotoc
(BBB) Pushmataha
(CCC) Roger Mills
(DDD) Seminole
(EEE) Stephens
(FFF) Texas
(GGG) Tillman
(HHH) Washington
(III) Washita
(JJJ) Woods
(KKK) Woodward
(b) Payment to a birthing center on behalf of a Medicaid client is an all-inclusive facility payment and represents payment in full for the birthing center services. Separate payment will be made for the midwife or physician obstetrical care, delivery and postpartum care as appropriate.
(1) Urban Birthing Center: Unit 1, Limit 1 each 9 months.
(2) Rural Birthing Center: Unit 1, Limit 1 each 9 months.

Disclaimer. The OHCA rules found on this Web site are unofficial. The official rules are published by the Oklahoma Secretary of State Office of Administrative Rules as Title 317 of the Oklahoma Administrative Code. To order an official copy of these rules, contact the Office of Administrative Rules at (405) 521-4911.