Comforting your Baby

Ways to Soothe Your Baby

Sometimes babies cry even when they have been fed, have clean diapers and are healthy.

If your baby is crying because she needs comfort, there are many things you can do. Every baby is different.

Here are things you can try to find out what calms your baby down.

  • Rock your baby in your arms or while sitting in a rocking chair.
  • Stroke your baby’s head very gently, or lightly pat her back or chest.
  • Make soft noises, such as cooing, to let your baby know you are there and you care. Talk to your baby.
  • Softly sing to your baby or play soft music.
  • Wrap her up in a baby blanket (but not too tightly).

If your baby keeps crying after you have tried everything, stay calm. Babies know when you are upset. No matter how stressed you are, never shake your baby. Shaking your baby can cause blindness, brain damage or even death. If you need a break, call a relative, neighbor or friend to help. All babies cry. You will not be able to comfort your baby every time. That does not mean you are a bad parent. Do the best you can to comfort your baby.

Here’s a simple tip to help your baby cry less—carry her. Research shows that babies who are carried more often don’t cry as much as other babies.