Your salary is just one part of your total compensation. Once you take into account paid time off, paid insurance, paid retirement - and many other benefits described below - Oklahoma state employees benefit package is hard to match in the private sector – being worth over 50% of your salary.


Leave Programs

Annual Leave (Vacation)

Years of Service Accrual Rate Days Per Year
0-4 15
5-9 18
10-19 20
20+ 25

Sick Leave

Accrued at 15 days per year regardless of service length.


Paid Holidays

Traditionally, employees receive approximately 11 state paid holidays per year.



Longevity Payment Program

After two years of continuous service, state employees receive a longevity check once a year. The amount of the check is tied to years of service. See chart below.

Years of Service Annual Longevity Payment
At least two years but less than four $250.00
At least four years but less than six $426.00
At least six years but less than eight $626.00
At least eight years but less than 10 $850.00
At least 10 years but less than 12 $1,062.00
At least 12 years but less than 14 $1,250.00
At least 14 years but less than 16 $1,500.00
At least 16 years but less than 18 $1,688.00
At least 18 years but less than 20 $1,900.00
At least 20 $2,000.00


For each additional two years of service after the first 20 years, an additional $200.00 shall be added to the amount stated above for 20 years of service.




State employees are also provided with a benefits allowance, in addition to their wages, to assist in paying the premiums associated with the different plans. Employees receive Health, Dental, Vision, Life, and Disability Insurance, as well as flexible spending accounts for health care and dependent care expenses. The state has contracted with several different plan carriers for Health, Dental, and Vision in order that employees may elect a plan that best suits their needs.

For more information regarding the plans and benefit allowance, please visit the Oklahoma Employees Benefit Department (OMES - EBD).





The state’s retirement system operates two different benefit plans.

Pathfinder Plan

  • The Pathfinder plan is a retirement savings plan that consists of two parts that work together to help you make the most of your retirement savings:

    401(a) Plan for mandatory contributions
    457(b) Plan for additional voluntary contributions

    Employees contribute 4.5 percent of their salary and OHCA contributes 6 percent. Employees may increase their contribution to 7 percent (the maximum OHCA will contribute).

Defined Contribution Plan (i.e., SoonerSave)

  • Optional, pre-tax investment account, similar to a 401k. Contributions are matched in part by the state

For a description of the plans, please visit the Oklahoma Public Employees Retirement System.



Flexible Work Week

Quality of life in part means time to do what you want to do. Depending on the needs of the specific area you work in, many of our employees work extended days and then receive every other Friday or Monday off. Some even work 10 hour days and receive every Monday or Friday off.




OHCA has been named a Top Workplace by The Oklahoman and is also a Certified Healthy Business. Employees have access to the agency's lactation room, wellness room and free onsite gym.