Oklahoma Health Care Authority procurement opportunities may be accessed on this website or on the Office of Management Enterprise Services (OMES)website.

To receive notifications about the State of Oklahoma procurement opportunities, vendors may register with the State of Oklahoma Vendor Registration which is also located on the OMES website listed above. 

General contracting inquires may be submitted to

Information about the open and closed procurement opportunities listed below may be attained by emailing the procurement staff defined in each document, or emailing OHCA procurement staff are restricted in the amount of information available for distribution to the public for open and closed procurements. Only inquires submitted through the or directly to an OHCA Procurement staff member will receive a response for open procurement opportunities. 

Information about awarded and cancelled procurements, and information about the Memorandum of Understandings Report may be attained by submitting an Open Records Request Form.


Procurement Opportunity

Amendments Status

Closing Date

Award Date

Total Contract Value

Awarded Contractor(s)

  Health Management Program RFP        Awarded 1/3/2019 4/9/2019 $11,123,978.00 Telligen Inc.
  SoonerCare Member Advisory Task Force RFP   Awarded 12/13/2018   2/1/2019 $15,000.00 Oklahoma Family Network, Inc.
  Focus on Excellence Nursing Facility Surveys        Awarded 12/13/2018 1/1/2019 $119,500.00 Myers and Stauffer LC
  Non-Emergency Transportation RFP   Awarded 5/2/2018 6/1/2018   Logisticare Solutions, LLC
  Sickle Cell Disease RFP   Awarded 9/15/2016 10/12/2016 $100,000.00 Supporters of Families with Sickle Cell Disease
  TPL (Third Party Liability) RFP   Awarded 3/27/2015 7/1/2015 $4,500,000.00 Health Management Systems
  Multimedia Marketing Services RFP   Awarded 3/12/2015 4/16/2015 $450,000.00 StapleGun Design Inc.
  AVS (Asset Verification Services)   Awarded 12/29/2014 1/20/2015 $800,000 Public Consulting Group, Inc.
  Therapy Management   Awarded 12/16/2013 7/15/2014 $800,000 MedSolutions
  Radiology Management Program RFP   Awarded 4/17/2013 10/13/2013 $1,800,000.00 MedSolutions
  Member Advisory Task Force   Awarded 5/13/2013 9/5/2013 $30,000.00 Oklahoma Family Network
  RAC (Recovery Audit Contractor)   Awarded 11/26/2012 6/1/2013 $300,000 Health Management Systems
  Consulting Services   Awarded 3/12/2013 7/1/2013 $400,000 Lewin Group, Mercer, Myers & Stauffer, and Pacific Health Policy Group


Interagency/MOU report SB316



Effective Date

End Date

Constitutional or Statutory Provision

(authorizing the parties to enter into the contract)