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1. Are you familiar with, the online enrollment portal for SoonerCare benefits? (if no, skip questions number two and three)

2. Have you ever told someone about

3. What are some barriers that prevent people in your community from accessing


4. Would you participate in a webinar that provided information on and the online enrollment application for SoonerCare?

5. Do you have a computer with an internet connection available at your place of business for clients/patients to apply for SoonerCare benefits? (If no, please skip to question eight.)

6. Would you be willing to provide such a set-up?

7. Why/Why not?



8. Would you like more information about

9. What is the best way to tell you and your peers about  is SoonerCare’s online enrollment portal-making health care just a click away. Find out if you approve for SoonerCare and enroll, from the comfort of your home. is one of the most effective ways to apply for SoonerCare with real time results and date specific eligibility. Visit today for quick and affordable health care.