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Simplifying Secondary Claims:
Learn the ins and outs of secondary and tertiary claim submission on the Provider Portal and EDI. This includes HMO, PPO, Medicare crossovers and commercial insurance claims. An important, upcoming change to crossover claims processing is also discussed. This class is recommended for billing staff for all provider types.

Managing your Provider Portal Account:
This class provides important, detailed information focused on Account Management on the Provider Portal. Get tips and tools to maximize your use of the My Profile, Manage Accounts, and Update Provider File sections of your Provider Portal account. This class is recommended for all SoonerCare providers and office managers with administrator access on the OHCA Provider Portal.

Electronic Referral FAQs:
This class answers common questions about electronic referrals in the OHCA Provider Portal. This includes basic information about electronic referral requirements, an update on services not requiring an electronic referral, modified end dates and why they happen, as well as how to bill with an electronic referral. This class is recommended for all SoonerCare Medical Home providers and specialty providers whose services require an electronic referral; therapy providers (PT/OT/ST/audiology) do not need to attend this class.

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