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317:30-5-211.27.Positive airway pressure (PAP) devices

[Issued 08-01-20]
(a) PAP devices. PAP devices are both a single level continuous positive airway pressure device (CPAP), and/or a bi-level respiratory assist device with or without back-up rate when it is used in the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea.

(b) Medical Necessity. PAP devices must be determined by a provider to be medically necessary and documented in the member's plan of care as medically necessary and used for medical purposes. A request by a medical provider for PAP devices in and of itself shall not constitute medical necessity. The Oklahoma Health Care Authority (OHCA) shall serve as the final authority pertaining to all determinations of medical necessity. Refer to Oklahoma Administrative Code (OAC) 317:30-5-211.2 and 317:30-3-1(f) for policy on medical necessity.

(c) Documentation. All documentation submitted to request services must demonstrate, through adequate objective medical records, evidence sufficient to justify the member's need for the service, in accordance with OAC 317:30-3-1(f)(2).

(1) A face-to-face clinical evaluation by the treating qualified medical professional within six (6) months prior to receiving device;

(2) Qualifying polysomnogram, performed in a sleep diagnostic testing facility, that is dated within one (1) year of the prior authorization request submission;

(3) The patient and/or his or her caretaker have received instruction from the supplier of the device in the proper use and care of the equipment; and

(4) Medical records supporting the need for a PAP device.

(5) For full guidelines, please refer to www.okhca.org/mau.

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