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317:2-1-2.5.Expedited appeals

[Effective 09-14-18]
(a) An expedited hearing request may be granted within three (3) working days of the request for hearing, if the time otherwise permitted for a hearing as described in OAC 317:2-1-2(a)(8) could jeopardize the Appellant's life or health or ability to attain, maintain, or regain maximum function.

(b) If OHCA determines that the request meets the criteria for an expedited hearing, it shall:

(1) Initiate the hearing process as described in OAC 317:2-1-5; and

(2) All matters relating to the hearing must be heard and disposed of as expeditiously as possible, but no later than three (3) working days after OHCA has received the request for an expedited hearing.

(c) If OHCA determines that the request does not meet the criteria for an expedited hearing, it shall:

(1) Initiate the ordinary hearing process timeframe, in accordance with OAC 317:2-1-2(a)(8); and

(2) Notify the Appellant of the denial orally or through an electronic notice as described in OAC 317:35-5-66.  If oral notification is provided, OHCA will follow up with a written notice within three (3) calendar days of the denial.

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