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317:35-6-53.Determination of current monthly income

[Issued 07-01-13]

(a) Use of current monthly income. Current monthly income is used in determinations of financial eligibility at application, when a member reports a change in circumstances, and at renewal. See 317:35-6-39 for potential exceptions.

(b) Calculation of monthly income. For computation of monthly income, see OAC 317:35-10-26(e).

(c) Anticipated income. Income which can reasonably be anticipated to be received is considered to be available for the month its receipt is anticipated.

(d) Expected changes in income. Reasonably predictable future increases or decreases in income, such as for contract or seasonal employees, are prorated over the year the income is expected to support the household. The predicted annual amount of the income is divided by 12 to reach the monthly amount.

(e) Lump sum income. Whether a particular lump sum is counted in household income depends first on whether the source of the lump sum is a countable source of income according to OAC 317:35-6-50 and OAC 317:35-6-51. See also OAC 317:35-10-26 for detailed rules regarding lump sum income.

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