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317:30-5-280.Eligible Providers
[Issued 09-12-14]

Licensed Behavioral Health Professionals (LBHP) are defined as follows:

(1) Allopathic or Osteopathic Physicians with a current license and board certification in psychiatry or board eligible in the state in which services are provided, or a current resident in psychiatry practicing as described in OAC 317:30-5-2.

(2) Practitioners with a license to practice in the state in which services are provided.

(A) Social Worker (clinical specialty only),

(B) Professional Counselor,

(C) Marriage and Family Therapist,

(D) Behavioral Practitioner, or

(E) Alcohol and Drug Counselor.

(3) Advanced Practice Nurse (certified in psychiatric mental health specialty), licensed as a registered nurse with a current certification of recognition from the board of nursing in the state in which services are provided.

(4) A Physician Assistant who is licensed in good standing in  this state and has received specific training for and is experienced in performing mental health therapeutic, diagnostic, or counseling functions.

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