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317:1-1-9.1.Compliance with the Open Records Act
[Issued 11-03-09]
   Oklahoma Statutes require compliance with the Open Records Act found at 51 O.S. §§ 24A.3-24A.29. The administrative regulations that follow are meant to clarify OHCA procedure and interpretation of state law regarding open records.

(1) Records request.

(A) A form is provided on OHCA’s website that may be electronically mailed to the agency to request records from the Oklahoma Health Care Authority. The form may also be downloaded, completed and mailed to the agency. An open records form can be obtained by writing to the Open Records Coordinator, OHCA Legal Division, PO Drawer, 18497, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73154-0497.

(B) The person requesting records may also provide a written narrative at the address noted in paragraph (A). The written request must provide enough detail to allow the agency to ascertain the needs of the requestor. For example, a request asking for “all data relating toprovider “b”” is not sufficient for the agency to properly answer the request. The reason the request in this example cannot be answered without further inquiry is that it has no time limitation nor any database information restriction. This type of request will be unavoidably delayed and eventually returned to the sender for additional information.

(C) In the event of any records request (electronic or otherwise) the agency will estimate the work involved in answering the request and bill the requestor either;

(i) the reasonable direct cost of record copying or mechanical reproduction; or

(ii) the reasonable cost of record search and the direct cost of record copying (or mechanical reproduction).

(D) The amount in paragraph (C)(i) is charged for all requests that are not solely for commercial purposes or requests that cause an excessive disruption of the essential functions of the public body.

(E) The amount in paragraph (C)(ii) is charged for all requests that are solely for commercial purposes or requests that cause an excessive disruption of the essential functions of the public body.

(F) OHCA generally waives the payment requirement from media searches and government agency searches because it considers these record requests to be matters of public interest.

(G) OHCA generally regards requests for pharmacy or other payment data as requests solely for commercial purposes.

(2) OHCA fees for copying and search.

(A) As required by law, OHCA posts its copying fees and search fees in the Oklahoma County Clerk’s office and at its principal place of business.

(B) OHCA also posts its schedule on its public website at www.okhca.org.  The legally recognized schedule however, is the schedule posted at its principal place of business and CountyClerk’s office.

(C) OHCA’s fee schedule specifically takes into account the statutory limit of fees for copying and certified copies.

(D) OHCA’s fee schedule minimizes costs by using electronic data transmission when possible.  Its fee schedule takes into account charges for electronic search and data devices (such as storage media).

(E) OHCA must receive any fees associated with the fee request before the records will be provided.

(3) Open records request exceptions. OHCA may deny record requests in anticipation of litigation against the agency. The Oklahoma Civil Discovery Code is properly used for these requests. OHCA may deny open records requests for the reasons stated in any of the exceptions provided in the Open Records Act. The use of the exceptions is not to thwart the accountability of state government.

(4) Timeliness of responses. The agency endeavors to answer all record requests within a reasonable time as required by law.  Generally a reasonable period of time is 30 days from receipt of a specific record request depending upon the following factors;

(A) the ability to communicate with the requestor regarding federal or state law redaction requirements;

(B) the workload within the agency regarding open record requests and program activity;

(C) the inability to produce the record with or without redaction;

(D) the specificity of the written request;

(E) payment of the fee; and

(F) the size and complexity of the data request.

Disclaimer. The OHCA rules found on this Web site are unofficial. The official rules are published by the Oklahoma Secretary of State Office of Administrative Rules as Title 317 of the Oklahoma Administrative Code. To order an official copy of these rules, contact the Office of Administrative Rules at (405) 521-4911.