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317:30-5-249.Non-covered services
[Revised 09-01-16]

In addition to the general program exclusions [OAC 317:30-5-2(a) (2)] the following are excluded from coverage. Work and education services:

(1) Talking about the past and current and future employment goals, going to various work sites to explore the world of work, and assisting client in identifying the pros and cons of working.

(2) Development of an ongoing educational and employment rehabilitation plan to help each individual establish job specific skills and credentials necessary to achieve ongoing employment. Psycho-social skills training however would be covered.

(3) Work/school specific supportive services, such as assistance with securing of appropriate clothing, wake-up calls, addressing transportation issues, etc. These would be billed as Case Management following 317:30-5-241.6 .

(4) Job specific supports such as teaching/coaching a job task.

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