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317:40-7-18.Contracts with industry
[Revised 5-11-07]
(a) The Oklahoma Department of Human Services (OKDHS) Developmental Disabilities Services Division (DDSD) may contract with an industry to provide job coaching services through a Natural Supports Initiative. The employer:
(1) designates an existing employee to serve as job coach.
(A) The job coach completes training as approved by the DDSD director of Human Resource Development.
(B) Training and support are available for members on the job; and
(2) is reimbursed at the individual placement in job coaching rate based on the hours the member works for the first six months.
(A) After the first six months of employment, the employer is reimbursed at the stabilization rate based on the hours the member works.
(B) Stabilization services may be provided for up to one year per job.
(b) An employment provider may subcontract with an industry to provide job coaching services to members who are eligible.
(1) The subcontract with an industry must be reviewed and accepted by the Personal Support Team and member or legal guardian prior to the execution of the subcontract.
(2) Approval by OKDHS:
(A) of any subcontract does not relieve the primary employment provider of any responsibility for performance per OAC 317:40-7; and
(B) to subcontract with an industry is given only when it is determined the member's needs can best be met by additional natural supports provided by industry employees.

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