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317:40-7-8.Employment Training Specialist Services
[Revised 06-25-09]
Employment training specialist (ETS) services include evaluation, training, and supportive assistance that allow the member to obtain and engage in remunerative employment. ETS services are:
(1) provided by a certified job coach;
(2) not available when subcontracting;
(3) used to help a member with a new job in a generic employment setting.
(A) ETS services are:
(i) not available if the member held the same job for the same employer in the past;
(ii) available when the member requires 100% on-site intervention for up to the number of hours the member works per week for six weeks per Plan of Care year; and
(iii) used in training members employed in individual placements on new jobs when the:
(I) member receives at least minimum wage; and
(II) employer is not the employment services provider.
(B) If the member does not use all of the training units on the first job placement in the Plan of Care year, the balance of training units may be used on a subsequent job placement with the current provider, or with a new provider;
(4) used in assessment and outcome development for members residing in the community who are new to the provider agency, when determined necessary by the Personal Support Team (Team). The provider:
(A) may claim a documented maximum of 20 hours per member for initial assessment. The projected units for the assessment and outcome development must:
(i) be approved in advance by the Team; and
(ii) relate to the member's desired outcomes; and
(B) cannot claim the same period of time for more than one type of service;
(5) used in Team meetings, when the case manager has requested participation of direct service employment staff in accordance with OAC 340:100-5-52, up to 20 hours per Plan of Care year;
(6) used in job development for a member on an individual job site upon the member's completion of three consecutive months on the job.
(A) Up to 40 hours may be used during a Plan of Care year after documentation of job development activities is submitted to the case manager.
(B) The job must:
(i) pay at least minimum wage;
(ii) employ each member at least 15 hours per week; and
(iii) be provided by an employer who is not the member's contract provider;
(7) used in development of a Plan for Achieving Self-Support (PASS) up to 40 hours per Plan of Care year after documentation of PASS development, if not developed by a Community Work Incentives Coordinator or the Department of Rehabilitation Services, and implementation of an approved PASS after documentation has been submitted to the case manager;
(8) used in development of an Impairment Related Work Expense (IRWE) up to 20 hours per Plan of Care year after documentation of IRWE development, if not developed by a Community Work Incentives Coordinator or Oklahoma Department of Rehabilitation, and implementation of an approved IRWE after documentation is submitted to the case manager; and
(9) used in interviewing for a job that is eligible for ETS services.
(10) If the member needs job coach services after expiration of Stabilization Services, Employment Training Specialist Services may be authorized for the hours necessary to provide direct support to the member or consultation to the employer as described in outcomes and methods in the Individual Plan. The plan should include the process for fading as the members independence increases and progress documented on OKDHS form 06WP066E.


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