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317:40-7-7.Job coaching services

[Revised 06-25-11]
(a) Job coaching services:
(1) are pre-planned, documented activities related to the member's identified employment outcomes that include training at the work site and support by provider agency staff who have completed DDSD sanctioned training per OAC 340:100-3-38.2;
(2) promote the member's capacity to secure and maintain integrated employment at a job of the member's choice paying at or more than minimum wage, or working to achieve minimum wage;
(3) provide active participation in paid work. Efforts are made in cooperation with employers to adapt normal work environments to fit the needs of members through the maintenance of an active relationship with the business;
(4) are available for individual and group placements.
(A) Individual placement is:
(i) one member receiving job coaching services who:
(I) works in an integrated job setting;
(II) is paid at or more than minimum wage;
(III) does not receive services from a job coach who is simultaneously responsible for continuous job coaching for a group;
(IV) is employed by a community employer or provider agency; and
(V) has a job description that is specific to the member's work; and
(ii) authorized when on-site supports by a certified job coach are provided more than 20% of the member's compensable work time. Job coaching services rate continues until a member reaches 20% or less job coach intervention for four consecutive weeks, at which time stabilization services begin.
(B) Group placement is two to eight members receiving continuous support in an integrated work site, who may earn less than minimum wage ; and
(5) are based on the amount of time for which the member is compensated by the employer, except per OAC 317:40-7-11.
(b) For members in individual placements, the Personal Support Team (Team):
(1) evaluates the need for job coaching services at least annually; and
(2) documents a plan for fading job coaching services as the member's independence increases.
c) When the member receives commensurate compensation, employment goals include, but are not limited to, increasing:
(1) productivity;
(2) work quality;
(3) independence;
(4) minimum wage opportunities; and
(5) competitive work opportunities.


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