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317:40-5-58.Developmental Disabilities Services Division Specialized Foster Care (SFC) staff roles and responsibilities
[Revised 7-11-05]
Developmental Disabilities Services Division (DDSD) SFC staff have the responsibility for:
(1) orientation and prescreening of SFC applicants;
(2) making contact with the potential SFC provider within five working days of receipt of a completed application to schedule interviews and start the Home Profile Process, described in OAC 317:40-5-40;
(3) completing the Home Profile within 90 working days after assignment of the application. The SFC specialist documents the reason for any delay beyond 90 days;
(4) maintaining regular contact with the provider by making a monitoring visit every six months with a minimum of one telephone contact in all other months.
(A) The SFC specialist completes the Monitoring Report (DDS-23) for each monitoring review.
(B) Items to be discussed during the telephone contacts are detailed in the Monthly Contact Monitoring Guide.
(5) completing a Specialized Foster Care/Agency Companion Annual Review (DDS-24) for the annual re-evaluation of each provider home by the renewal date;
(6) attending Team meetings for service recipients in SFC as necessary;
(7) responding to requests for SFC and respite care;
(8) providing technical assistance and training to SFC providers regarding claims and resolution of problems, such as:
(A) payments;
(B) family dynamics;
(C) DDSD policy;
(D) setting up the in-home record as described in OAC 340:100-3-40;
(E) setting up the provider record; and
(F) provider training;
(9) making unannounced home visits to ensure homes and providers are in compliance with DDSD standards and policy;
(10) reporting to DDSD State Office Training Staff as the provider's training occurs and is updated:
(A) the provider's name;
(B) the provider's Social Security Number; and
(C) dates and places of specific provider training;
(11) facilitating a written agreement for room and board contributions on behalf of the service recipient, if the Oklahoma Department of Human Services is not the representative payee for the service recipient;
(12) completing or obtaining the:
(A) Room and Board Reimbursement for Foster Care (DCW-FH-2);
(B) Authorization for SFC Services (DDS-SFC-1), that:
(i) is signed by the parent or legal guardian for service recipients not in custody who are requesting SFC services; and
(ii) allows for authorization of routine or emergency medical care and provides insurance information.

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