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317:40-5-56.Responsibilities of the parents of individuals in voluntary specialized foster care
[Revised 7-11-05]
(a) Natural or adoptive parents retain the responsibility for on going involvement and support of their child while the child is in specialized foster care (SFC).
(1) The parents are required to sign a written agreement allowing the Oklahoma Department of Human Services (OKDHS) to serve as the representative payee for the child's Social Security, other government benefits, and court-authorized child support.
(2) Social Security, other government benefits, and child support are used to pay for room and board (maintenance). Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) services do not pay for room and board (maintenance).
(b) Responsibilities of the parents of a child receiving voluntary SFC are:
(1) to provide respite to the foster SFC provider;
(2) to provide transportation to and from parental visitation;
(3) to provide a financial contribution toward the support of their child;
(4) to provide in kind supports such as disposable undergarments if needed, clothing, recreation, birthday and holiday presents, school supplies, and allowances or personal spending money;
(5) to follow the visitation plan as outlined by the service recipient's Team (see OAC 317:40-5-52);
(6) to maintain ongoing communication with the service recipient and SFC provider by letters and telephone calls;
(7) to be available in the event of an emergency;
(8) to work toward reunification when appropriate;
(9) to provide written consent for medical treatments as appropriate;
(10) to attend medical appointments, when possible, and keep informed of the service recipient's health status;
(11) to participate in the service recipient's education plan in accordance with the Department of Education regulations; and
(12) to be present for all Team meetings
(c) When moving out of Oklahoma, parents of a child receiving voluntary SFC are responsible to take their minor child with them, since the child is no longer eligible for services because he or she is no longer a resident of the State of Oklahoma.
(d) For children under age 18, the case manager reports to DCFS if the family moves out of Oklahoma without taking their child with them or cannot be located.

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