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317:40-5-6.Agency Companion Services provider requirements
[Revised 09-01-15]

(a) The service recipient or legal guardian, the provider agency, or the Oklahoma Department of Human Services Developmental Disabilities Services (DDS) case manager may identify an applicant to be screened for approval to serve as companion.

(b) Approval by DDS for a person to provide contracted Agency Companion Services (ACS) requires the applicant:

(1) is 21 years of age or older;

(2) has attended the DDS or provider agency ACS orientation;

(3) contracts with a provider agency having a current contract with the Oklahoma Health Care Authority to provide ACS;

(4) submits the completed DDS application packet per Oklahoma Administrative Code (OAC) 317:40-5-40 within the required time period to designated DDS staff or the provider agency staff;

(5) cooperates with designated DDS or provider agency staff in the development and completion of the home profile approval process per OAC 317:40-5-40; and
(6) has completed all training required by OAC 340:100-3-38, including medication administration training, and all provider agency pre-employment training per OAC 317:40-5-40.

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