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317:35-19-26.Payment to NF

[Revised 09-01-16]
   The OHCA may execute agreements to provide care only with facilities which are properly licensed by the state licensing agency. The agreement is initiated by application from the facility and expires on a specified date, or with termination of the facility license, or shall be automatically terminated on notice to this Authority that the facility is not in compliance with Medicaid (or other federal long-term care) requirements.

(1) In the event that a facility changes ownership, the agreement with the previous owner may be extended to the new owner, pending certification of the new owner to provide care to individuals during the change of ownership. In the event that the new owner is not showing good faith in pursuit of certification, the OHCA will begin planning for alternate placement of Medicaid patients. The county office is immediately notified of any relevant change in facility status.

(2) Payment for long-term care is made only for those individuals who have been approved by the Department of Human Services for such care. The amount of payment is based on the actual time the individual received care (including therapeutic leave) from a nursing facility during any given month. Payment for nursing care cannot be made for any period during which the care has been temporarily interrupted for reasons other than therapeutic leave. Therapeutic leave is any planned leave other than hospitalization that is for the benefit of the patient. Therapeutic leave must be clearly documented in the patient's plan of care before payment for a reserved bed can be made by the OHCA.

(3) Effective July 1, 1994, the nursing facility may receive payment for a maximum of seven days of therapeutic leave per calendar year for each eligible individual to reserve the bed.

(4) The Statement of Compensable Therapeutic Leave Only form is used by the facility to record use of therapeutic leave. This form is to be made available by the local office to the nursing facility upon request.

(5) No payment shall be made for hospital leave.


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