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317:35-19-22.1.Discharge planning
[Revised 6-26-00]
Nursing facilities are responsible for the discharge planning of residents. In some instances the NF may be unable to successfully plan the discharge of the private pay resident who has exhausted financial resources to pay for NF care. When a private pay applicant who has exhausted resources is denied medical eligibility, and the NF is unable to successfully plan for discharge, the NF may request the assistance of the social worker, LTC nurse, or APS worker to participate on an interdisciplinary team to develop an appropriate discharge plan, or to request reconsideration of medical eligibility. Other persons who may participate on the interdisciplinary team are the physician, social worker, discharge planner, ombudsman, family members or responsible party and the resident. The NF is responsible for convening an Interdisciplinary Team meeting. A DHS team member documents the outcome of the team meeting and submits it to the DHS area nurse for consideration of submission to the Medicaid Director of the Oklahoma Health Care Authority.

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