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317:35-19-14.New admissions, readmissions, interfacility transfers, and same level of care program transfers
[Revised 06-01-07]
The Preadmission Screening process does not apply to readmission of an individual back to the same NF following a continuous medical hospital stay. There is no specific time limit on the length of absence from the nursing facility for the hospitalization. Inter-facility transfers are also subject to preadmission screening. In the case of transfer of a resident from an NF to a hospital or to another NF, the transferring NF is responsible for ensuring that copies of the resident's most recent PASRR Form LTC-300R and any PASRR evaluations accompany the transferring resident. The receiving NF must submit an updated Form LTC-300R that reflects the resident's current status to LOCEU within 10 days of the transfer. Failure to do so could result in recoupment of funds.

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