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317:35-15-15.Referral for social services
[Revised 09-01-15]

In many situations, members who are receiving medical services through SoonerCare need social services. The OKDHS nurse may make referrals for social services to the OKDHS worker in the local office. In addition to these referrals, a request for social services may be initiated by a member or by another individual acting upon behalf of a member.

(1)    The OKDHS Social Services Specialist is responsible for providing the indicated services or for referral to the appropriate resource outside the Department if the services are not available within the Department.

(2)   Among the services provided by the OKDHS Social Services Specialist are:

(A) Services that will enable individuals to attain and/or maintain as good physical and mental health as possible;

(B) Services to assist patients who are receiving care outside their own homes in planning for and returning to their own homes or to other alternate care;

(C) Services to encourage the development and maintenance of family and community interest and ties;

(D) Services to promote maximum independence in the management of their own affairs;

(E) Protective services, including evaluation of need for and arranging for guardianship; and

(F) Appropriate family planning services, which include assisting the family in acquiring means to responsible parenthood. Services are offered in making the necessary referral and follow-up.

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