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317:35-15-13.1.Individual personal care service management
[Revised 09-01-17]

(a) An Individual Personal Care Assistant (IPCA) may be utilized to provide personal care services when it is documented to be in the best interest of the member to have an IPCA or when there are no qualified personal care provider agencies available in the member's local area. Oklahoma Health Care Authority (OHCA) checks the list of providers barred from Medicare/Medicaid participation to ensure the IPCA is not listed.

(b) After personal care services eligibility is established and prior to implementation of personal care services using an IPCA, the DHS nurse reviews the care plan with the member and IPCA and notifies the member and IPCA to begin personal care services delivery. The DHS nurse maintains the original care plan and forwards a copy of the care plan to the selected IPCA and member within one-business day of receipt of approval.

(c) The DHS nurse contacts the member within five-business days to ensure services are in place and meeting the member's needs and monitors the care plan for members with an IPCA. For any member receiving personal care services utilizing an IPCA, the DHS nurse makes a home visit at least every six months beginning within 90-calendar days from the date of personal care service initiation. DHS assesses the member's satisfaction with his or her personal care services and evaluates the care plan for adequacy of goals and units allocated. Requests for changes in the units authorized in the care plan must be approved by the DHS area nurse or designee, prior to implementation of the changed number of units.

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