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317:35-15-6.Determining financial eligibility of categorically needy individuals

[Revised 09-14-18]
   Financial eligibility for Personal Care for categorically needy individuals is determined as follows:

(1) Financial eligibility for MAGI eligibility groups. See MAGI eligibility rules in Subchapter 6 of this Chapter to determine financial eligibility for MAGI eligibility groups.

(2) Financial eligibility/categorically related to ABD. In determining income and resources for the individual related to ABD, the "family" includes the individual and spouse, if any. To be categorically needy, the countable income must be less than the categorically needy standard as shown on the OKDHS form 08AX001E (Appendix C-1), Schedule VI (QMBP standard). If an individual and spouse cease to live together for reasons other than institutionalization or receipt of the ADvantage waiver or HCBW/MR services, income and resources are considered available to each other through the month in which they are separated. Mutual consideration ceases with the month after the month in which the separation occurs. Any amounts which are actually contributed to the spouse after the mutual consideration has ended are considered.

(3) Determining financial eligibility for Personal Care. For individuals determined categorically needy for Personal Care, the member will not pay a vendor payment for Personal Care services.



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