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317:35-15-3.Application for Personal Care
[Revised 09-01-15]

(a) Requests for Personal Care. A request for Personal Care is made to the local OKDHS office or ADvantage Administration (AA). A written financial application is not required for an individual who has an active SoonerCare case. A financial application for Personal Care is initiated when there is no active SoonerCare case. The application is signed by the applicant, parent, spouse, guardian or someone else acting on the applicant's behalf. All conditions of financial eligibility must be verified and documented in the case record. When current information already available in the local office establishes eligibility, the information may be used by recording source and date of information. If the applicant also wishes to apply for a State Supplemental Payment, either the applicant or his/her guardian must sign the application form.

(b) Date of application.

(1) The date of application is:

(A) the date the applicant or someone acting on his/her behalf signs the application in the county office;

(B) the date the application is stamped into the county office when the application is initiated outside the county office; or

(C) the date when the request for SoonerCare is made orally and the financial application form is signed later.

(2) An exception to paragraph (1) of this subsection would occur when OKDHS has contracts with certain providers to take applications and obtain documentation. After the documentation is obtained, the contract provider forwards the application and documentation to the OKDHS county office of the applicant's county of residence for SoonerCare eligibility determination. The application date is the date the applicant signed the application form for the provider.

(c) Eligibility status. Financial and medical eligibility must be established before services can be initiated.

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