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317:35-9-26.Application procedures for private ICF/MR

[Revised 01-01-09]
Individuals may apply for private ICF/MR at the OKDHS human services center (HSC) of their choice. A written application is not required for an individual who has an active SoonerCare case. The OKDHS Notification Regarding Patient in a Nursing Facility, Intermediate Care Facility for the Mentally Retarded or Hospice form 08MA083E, when received in the HSC, also constitutes an application request and is handled the same as an oral request. The local HSC will send the ICF/MR OKDHS form 08MA038E within three working days of receipt of OKDHS forms 08MA083E and 08MA084E, Management of Recipient's Funds, indicating actions that are needed or have been taken regarding the member.

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