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317:35-5-7.Determining categorical relationship to the children and parent and caretaker relative groups

[Revised 09-14-18]

(a) Categorical relationship. All individuals under age nineteen (19) are automatically related to the children's group and further determination is not required. Adults age nineteen (19) or older are related to the parent and caretaker relative group when there is a minor dependent child(ren) in the home and the individual is the parent, or is the caretaker relative other than the parent who meets the proper degree of relationship. A minor dependent child is any child who meets the AFDC eligibility requirements of age and relationship.

(b) Requirement for referral to the Oklahoma Child Support Services Division (OCSS).  As a condition of eligibility, when both the parent or caretaker and minor child(ren) are receiving SoonerCare and a parent is absent from the home, the parent or caretaker relative must agree to cooperate with OCSS. However, federal regulations provide for a waiver of this requirement when cooperation with OCSS is not in the best interest of the child. OCSS is responsible for making the good cause determination. If the parent or caretaker relative is claiming good cause, he/she cannot be certified for SoonerCare in the parent and caretaker relative group unless OCSS has determined good cause exists. There is no requirement of cooperation with OCSS for child(ren) or pregnant women to receive SoonerCare.

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