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317:35-5-6.1.Determining categorical relationship for pregnancy related services covered under Title XXI

[Revised 07-01-13]

(a) For applications made prior to January 1, 2014, categorical relationship for pregnancy related benefits covered under Title XXI is determined in accordance with OAC 317:35-22-1 and through medical evidence that the individual is currently or has recently been pregnant and may qualify for pregnancy related services.  Pregnancy must be verified by providing medical proof of pregnancy within 30 days of application submission.  OKDHS form 08MA005E, Notification of Needed Medical Services, is not required but will be accepted as medical verification.  If proof of pregnancy is not provided within 30 days of application submission, SoonerCare benefits will be closed for the pregnant woman at the end of the thirty day period. The applicant must be residing in the State of Oklahoma with the intent to remain at the time the medical service is received.  The expected date of delivery must be established either by information from the applicant's physician or other qualified practitioner.

(b) Effective January 1, 2014, relationship to the pregnancy-related services group under Title XXI is determined in accordance with OAC 317:35-22-1. Pregnancy does not have to be verified unless the declaration that an applicant or member is pregnant is not reasonably compatible with other information available to the agency. The individual must also provide the expected date of delivery.

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