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317:30-5-1092.Services and supplies incidental to I/T/U outpatient encounters
[Issued 07-01-06]
Services and supplies incidental to the service of a physician, physician assistant, advanced practice nurse, clinical psychologist, or clinical social worker may be covered if the service or supply is:
(1) of a type commonly furnished in physicians' offices;
(2) of a type commonly rendered either without charge or included in the I/T/U's bill;
(3) furnished as an incidental, although integral, part of professional services furnished by a physician, nurse practitioner, physician assistant, nurse midwife, or specialized nurse practitioner;
(4) furnished under the direct, personal supervision of a nurse practitioner, physician assistant, nurse midwife, specialized nurse practitioner or a physician; and
(5) in the case of a service, furnished by a member of the I/T/U's health care staff who is an employee of the clinic.

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