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317:30-5-664.5.Health Center encounter exclusions and limitations
[Revised 09-01-16]

(a) Service limitations governing the provision of all services apply pursuant to OAC 317:30. Excluded from the definition of reimbursable encounter core services are:

(1) Services provided by an independently CLIA certified and enrolled laboratory.

(2) Radiology services including nuclear medicine and diagnostic ultrasound services.

(3) Venipuncture for lab tests is considered part of the encounter and cannot be billed separately. When a member is seen at the clinic for a lab test only, use the appropriate CPT code. A visit for "lab test only" is not considered a Center encounter.

(4) Durable medical equipment or medical supplies not generally provided during the course of a Center visit such as diabetic supplies. However, gauze, band-aids, or other disposable products used during an office visit are considered as part of the cost of an encounter and cannot be billed separately under SoonerCare.

(5) Supplies and materials that are administered to the member are considered a part of the physician's or other health care practitioner's service.

(6) Drugs or medication treatments provided during a clinic visit are included in the encounter rate. For example, a member has come into the Center with high blood pressure and is treated at the Center with a hypertensive drug or drug samples provided to the Center free of charge are not reimbursable services and are included in the cost of an encounter. Prescriptions are not included in the encounter rate and must be billed through the pharmacy program by a qualified enrolled pharmacy.

(7) Administrative medical examinations and report services;

(8) Emergency services including delivery for pregnant members that are eligible under the Non-Qualified (ineligible) provisions of OAC 317:35-5-25;

(9) SoonerPlan family planning services;

(10) Optometry and podiatric services other than for dual eligible for Part B of Medicare; and

(11) Other services that are not defined in this rule or the State Plan.

(b) In addition, the following limitations and requirements apply to services provided by Health Centers:

(1) Physician services are not covered in a hospital.

(2) Behavioral health case management and psychosocial rehabilitation services are limited to Health Centers enrolled under the provider requirements in OAC 317:30-5-240 and contracted with OHCA as an outpatient behavioral health agency.

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