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317:30-5-661.5.Health Center preventive primary care services
[Revised 06-25-11]
(a) Preventive primary care services are those health services that:
(1) a HealthCenter is required to provide as preventive primary health services under section 330 of the Public Health Service Act;
(2) are furnished by or under the direct supervision of an APN, PA, CNMW, specialized advanced practice nurse practitioner, licensed psychologist, LCSW ,a physician, or other approved health care professional as authorized in the FQHC state plan pages;
(3) are furnished by a member of the Health Center's health care staff who is an employee of the Center or provides services under arrangements with the Center; and
(4) includes only drugs and biologicals that cannot be self-administered.
(b) Preventive primary care services which may be paid for when provided by Health Centers include:
(1) medical social services;
(2) nutritional assessment and referral;
(3) preventive health education;
(4) children's eye and ear examinations;
(5) prenatal and post-partum care;
(6) perinatal services;
(7) well child care, including periodic screening (refer to    OAC 317:30-3-65);
(8) immunizations, including tetanus-diphtheria booster and influenza vaccine;
(9) voluntary family planning services;
(10) taking patient history;
(11) blood pressure measurement;
(12) weight;
(13) physical examination targeted to risk;
(14) visual acuity screening;
(15) hearing screening;
(16) cholesterol screening;
(17) stool testing for occult blood;
(18) dipstick urinalysis;
(19) risk assessment and initial counseling regarding risks;
(20) tuberculosis testing for high risk patients;
(21) clinical breast exam;
(22) referral for mammography;
(23) thyroid function test; and
(24) dental services (specified procedure codes).

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