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317:30-5-660.2.Health Center professional staff
[Revised 06-25-07]
(a) Health Centers must either directly employ or contract the services of legally credentialed professional staff that are authorized within their scope of practice under state law to provide the services for which claims are submitted to OHCA or its designated agent.
(b) Professional staff contracted or employed by the Health Center recognized by the OHCA for direct reimbursement are required to individually enroll with the OHCA and will be affiliated with the organization which contracts or employs them. Participating Health Centers are required to submit a list of names upon request of all practitioners working within the Center and a list of all individual OHCA provider numbers. Reimbursement for services rendered at or on behalf of the Health Center is made to the organization. Practitioners eligible for direct reimbursement for providing services to a clinic patient outside of the clinic may bill with their individual assigned number if they are not compensated under agreement by the Health Center.
(c) Other providers who are not eligible for direct reimbursement may be recognized by OHCA for the provision and payment of FQHC services to a health center as long as they are legally credentialed under state law and OHCA enrollment requirements.

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