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317:30-5-498.Coverage limitations

[Revised 07-25-08]
(a) Coverage limitations for specialized foster care (SFC) are:
(1) Description: close supervision; Unit: one day; 366 units each 12 months.
(2) Description: maximum supervision; Unit: one day; 366 units each 12 months.
(b) Members are required to pay room and board expenses from their own funds as SFC does not include the cost of room and board.
(c) Members may not simultaneously receive group home services, daily living supports, or agency companion services.
(d) Members who are in the custody of the Oklahoma Department of Human Services (OKDHS) and in out-of-home placement funded by OKDHS Children and Family Services Division are not eligible for SFC.
(e) When a member changes providers, only the outgoing service provider claims for the date the member moves.

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