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317:30-5-327.9.Scheduling NET services through SoonerRide
[Issued 06-25-07]
(a) The nursing facility/member will schedule SoonerRide NET services for transportation to covered services. SoonerRide NET services may be scheduled by calling the toll free SoonerRide number or by faxing a request to SoonerRide.
(b) All SoonerRide NET routine services must be scheduled by advance appointment. Appointments must be made at least three business days in advance of the health care appointment, but may be scheduled up to fourteen business days in advance. Scheduling for members with standing appointments may be scheduled for those appointments beyond the 14 days.
(c) NET services for eligible members will be scheduled and obtained through the SoonerRide NET program. The nursing facilities/member will be financially responsible for NET services which are not scheduled for eligible members through the SoonerRide program. The nursing facility may not charge the member or member's family for NET services which were not paid for by SoonerRide because they were not scheduled through SoonerRide in the appropriate manner.
(d) Whenever possible SoonerRide will give consideration for members who request NET for routine care and the request is made less than three business days in advance of the appointment. However, such requests for service are not guaranteed and will depend on the available space and resources.
(e) If SoonerRide cannot provide NET for urgent care, the nursing facility/member may provide the NET transportation and submit proper documentation to SoonerRide for reimbursement. In such cases the nursing facility/member must attempt to schedule the service through SoonerRide first, and obtain a reference number or the service must have become necessary during a time that SoonerRide scheduling was unavailable, such as after hours or weekends. For NET for urgent services provided after hours or on weekends, the nursing facility/member must notify SoonerRide within two business days of the date of service.

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