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317:30-5-327.8.Type of services provided and duties of the SoonerRide driver
[Issued 06-25-07]
(a) The SoonerRide NET program is limited to curb-to-curb services. Curb-to-curb services are defined as services for which the vehicle picks up and discharges the passengers at the curb or driveway in front of their place of residence or destination. The SoonerRide NET driver does not provide assistance to passengers along walkways or steps to the door or the residence or other destination. The SoonerRide NET driver will open and close the vehicle doors, load or provide assistance with loading adaptive equipment. Additionally, the SoonerRide NET driver may fasten and unfasten safety restraints when that service is requested by the rider or on behalf of the rider.
(b) If the member is traveling by lift van, the SoonerRide NET driver will load and unload the member according to established protocols for such procedures approved by the Oklahoma Health Care Authority.
(c) The SoonerRide NET driver will deliver the member to the scheduled destination, and is not required to remain with the member.

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