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317:30-5-327.1.SoonerRide NET Coverage
[Revised 09-01-15]

(a) SoonerRide NET is available for SoonerCare covered admission and discharge into inpatient hospital care, outpatient hospital care, services from physicians/approved practitioners, diagnostic services, clinic services, pharmacy services, eye care and dental care under the following conditions:

(1) Transportation is to the nearest appropriate facility or medical provider capable of providing the necessary services.

(A) The nearest appropriate facility or provider is not considered appropriate if the member's condition requires a higher level of care or specialized services available at the more distant facility.  However, a legal impediment barring a member's admission would mean that the institution did not have "appropriate facilities".  For example, the nearest transplant center may be in another state and that state's law precludes admission of nonresidents.

(B) The nearest appropriate facility is not considered appropriate if no bed or provider is available. However, the medical records must be properly documented.

(C)  Services should be available within 45 miles of the members' residence with exceptions. The OHCA has discretion and the final authority to approve or deny travel greater than 45 miles to access services.

(i) Members seeking self-referred services are limited to the 45 mile radius.

(ii) Native Americans seeking services at a tribal or I.H.S facility may be transported to any facility within a 45 mile radius equipped for their medical needs with exceptions. Trips to out-of-state facilities require prior approval.

(iii) Duals may be transported to any facility within a 45 mile radius equipped for their medical needs with exceptions. Trips to out-of-state facilities require prior approval.

(2) The service provided must be a SoonerCare covered service provided by a medical provider who is enrolled in the SoonerCare program; and

(3) Services requiring prior authorization must have been authorized (e.g. travel that exceeds the 45 mile radius, out-of-state travel, meals and lodging services).

(b) SoonerRide NET is available on a statewide basis to all eligible members.

(c) SoonerRide NET may also be provided for eligible members to providers other than SoonerCare providers if the transportation is to access medically necessary services covered by SoonerCare.

(d) SoonerRide NET is available if a member is being discharged from a facility to their home.  The facility is responsible for scheduling the transportation.

(e) In documented medically necessary instances, a medical escort may accompany the member.

(1) SoonerRide NET is not required to transport any additional individuals other than the one approved individual providing the escort services.  In the event that additional individuals request transportation, the SoonerRide broker may charge those family members according to the SoonerRide broker's policies which have been approved by the OHCA.
(2) A medical escort is not eligible for direct compensation by the SoonerRide broker or SoonerCare.

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