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317:30-5-248.Documentation of records

[Revised 09-12-14]

All outpatient behavioral health services must be reflected

by documentation in the member's records.

(1) For Behavioral Health Assessments (see OAC 317:30-5-241), no progress notes are required.

(2) For Behavioral Health Services Plan (see OAC 317:30-5-241), no progress notes are required.

(3) Treatment Services must be documented by progress notes.

(A) Progress notes shall chronologically describe the services provided, the member's response to the services provided and the member's progress, or lack of, in treatment and must include the following:

(i) Date;

(ii) Person(s) to whom services were rendered;

(iii) Start and stop time for each timed treatment session or service;

(iv) Original signature of the therapist/service provider; in circumstances where it is necessary to fax a service plan to someone for review and then have them fax back their signature, this is acceptable; however, the provider must obtain the original signature for the clinical file within 30 days and no stamped or photocopied signatures are allowed. Electronic signatures are acceptable following OAC 317:30-3-4.1 and 317:30-3-15;

(v) Credentials of therapist/service provider;

(vi)Specific service plan need(s), goals and/or objectives addressed;

(vii) Services provided to address need(s), goals and/or objectives;

(viii) Progress or barriers to progress made in treatment as it relates to the goals and/or objectives;

(ix) Member (and family, when applicable) response to the session or intervention;

(x) Any new need(s), goals and/or objectives identified during the session or service.

(4) In addition to the items listed above in this subsection:

(A) Crisis Intervention Service notes must also include a detailed description of the crisis and level of functioning assessment;

(B) a list/log/sign in sheet of participants for each Group rehabilitative or psychotherapy session and facilitating qualified provider must be maintained; and

(C) for medication training and support, vital signs must be recorded in the medical record, but are not required on the behavioral health services plan;

(5) Progress notes for PSR day programs may be in the form of daily or weekly summary notes and must include the following:

(A) Curriculum sessions attended each day and/or dates attended during the week;

(B) Start and stop times for each day attended;

(C) Specific goal(s) and/or objectives addressed during the week;

(D) Type of Skills Training provided each day and/or during the week including the specific curriculum used with the member;

(E) Member satisfaction with staff intervention(s);

(F) Progress or barriers made toward goals, objectives;

(G) New goal(s) or objective(s) identified;

(H) Signature of the lead qualified provider; and

(I) Credentials of the lead qualified provider.

(6) Concurrent documentation between the clinician and member can be billed as part
   of the treatment session time, but must be documented clearly in the progress notes.

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