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[Revised 09-01-15]

(a) Procedure codes. It is the supplier's responsibility to ensure that claims for the supply or equipment are submitted with the most appropriate HCPCS code as assigned by the Medicare PDAC or its successor. When the most appropriate procedure code is not used, the claim will be denied. When a specific procedure code has not been assigned to an item, an invoice is required which must contain a full description of the equipment or supply.

(b) Rental. Claims for rental should indicate the first date of service and the inclusive dates of rental as part of the description of services. The appropriate modifier must be included. Only one month's rental should be entered on each detail line.

(c) Invoice. For manually priced items, after the service has been provided, the supplier is required to include a copy of the invoice documenting the supplier's cost of the item with the claim.

(d) Place of service. The appropriate indicator for the patient's place of residence must be entered.

(e) Prescribing provider. The name of the prescribing provider must be included for claims processing and entered in the appropriate block.
(f) Proof of Delivery. Items must be received by the member before billing OHCA. Proof of delivery must be retained by the provider in the member's file and provided to the OHCA upon request. In addition, for manually priced items, evidence of proof of delivery must be attached to the claim for adjudication.

Disclaimer. The OHCA rules found on this Web site are unofficial. The official rules are published by the Oklahoma Secretary of State Office of Administrative Rules as Title 317 of the Oklahoma Administrative Code. To order an official copy of these rules, contact the Office of Administrative Rules at (405) 521-4911.