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317:30-5-113.Medicare eligible individuals
[Issued 10-3-05]
Payment is made to hospitals for services to Medicare eligible individuals as set forth in this section.
(1) Individuals eligible for Part A and Part B.
(A) Payment is made utilizing the Medicaid allowable for comparable Part B services.
(B) Payment is made for the coinsurance and/or deductible for Part A services for categorically needy individuals.
(2) Individuals who are not eligible for Part A services.
(A) The Part B services are to be filed with Medicare. Any monies received from Medicare and any coinsurance and/or deductible monies received from OHCA must be shown as a third party resource on the appropriate claim form for inpatient per diem. The inpatient per diem should be filed with the fiscal agent along with a copy of the Medicare Payment Report.
(B) For individuals who have exhausted Medicare Part A benefits, claims must be accompanied by a statement from the Medicare Part A intermediary showing the date benefits were exhausted.

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