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317:30-5-95.36.Treatment team for inpatient children
[Revised 09-01-15]

An interdisciplinary team of a physician, licensed behavioral health professionals, registered nurse, member, parent/legal guardian for members under the age of 18, and other personnel who provide services to members in the facility must develop the individual plan of care, oversee all components of the active treatment and provide the services appropriate to their respective discipline. Based on education and experience, preferably including competence in child psychiatry, the teams must be:

(1) capable of assessing the member's immediate and long range therapeutic needs, developmental priorities and personal strengths and liabilities;

(2) capable of assessing the potential resources of the member's family, and actively involving the family of members under the age of 18 in the ongoing plan of care;

(3) capable of setting treatment objectives;

(4) capable of prescribing therapeutic modalities to achieve the plan objectives;

(5) capable of developing appropriate discharge criteria and plans; and
(6) trained in a recognized behavioral/management intervention program such as MANDT System, Controlling Aggressive Patient Environment (CAPE), SATORI, Professional Assault Crisis Training (PRO-ACT), or a trauma informed methodology with the utmost focus on the minimization of seclusion and restraints.

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