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317:1-1-12.Requests for rulemaking
[Issued 06-29-94]

(a) Any person may petition the Authority for adoption, amendment, or repeal of any rule of the authority. Such petition must be in writing and must include:

(1) The name and address of the person requesting the adoption, amendment or repeal of the rule;

(2) Name and address of the organization the person represents, if applicable;

(3) Any numbers and headings used to identify an existing rule or to adopt a new rule;

(4) The proposed language if the request is to amend an existing rule or to adopt a new rule;

(5) The circumstances which created the need for action; and

(6) The intended effect of the action.

(b) Response to petition for rule changes. Upon receipt of a petition as described in Subsection (a) both this Section, the Administrator will initiate a study of the requested change through whatever means he or she deems appropriate. If the Authority formally acts upon the petition, the petitioner will be advised of the action in writing as specified by the Administrator. In accordance with 75 O.S. 305, if the Authority does not initiate rulemaking proceedings within 30 calendar days of the petition's submission, the petition shall be deemed to have been denied.

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