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317:1-1-11.Requests for declaratory ruling
[Issued 6-29-94]

(a) Any person may petition the Authority for a declaratory ruling as to the applicability of any of this Chapter or any order of the Authority. The purpose of a declaratory ruling is to explain, or clarify, a rule or an order of the Authority in relation to a particular matter. A request for a declaratory ruling must include the following information:

(1) Name and address of the person making the request;

(2) Name and address of the organization the person represents, if applicable;

(3) A description of the problem or issue which made it necessary to request a declaratory ruling;

(4) The numbers and headings used to identify the rule or the order on which the declaratory ruling is sought.

(b) The Authority will consider each petition submitted and, within a reasonable time after the submission thereof, either deny the petition in writing, stating its reasons for such denial, or issue a declaratory order on the matters contained in the petition.

(c) The Authority Board may provide others with written notice of the request for a declaratory ruling and give them an opportunity to respond in writing within 15 days.

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