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317:35-6-15.Application for SoonerCare for Pregnant Women and Families with Children; forms

[Revised 09-24-13]
(a) Application. An application for pregnant women and families with children consists of the SoonerCare application. The application form is signed by the individual, parent, spouse, guardian, or someone else acting on the individual's behalf. An individual does not have to have received a medical service nor expect to receive one to be certified for SoonerCare. Effective October 1, 2013, individuals who wish to use a paper application form to apply for coverage under a MAGI eligibility group must submit the federal Single Streamlined Application to apply for SoonerCare.
(1) An application may be made in a variety of locations, for example, a physician's office, a hospital or other medical facility, Health Department, in the county OKDHS office, or online. A face to face interview is not required. Applications are mailed to the OHCA Eligibility Unit. When an individual indicates a need for SoonerCare, the physician or facility may forward an application to the OHCA Eligibility Unit for processing. If the applicant is unable to sign the application, someone acting on his/her behalf may sign the application. Effective October 1, 2013, an application for SoonerCare may also be submitted through the Health Insurance Exchange.
(2) OKDHS form 08MA005E, Notification of Needed Medical Services, is required only for preauthorization of medical services. Although not required, the form may be submitted by the physician or facility as notification of a need for medical services. The form also may be accepted as medical verification of pregnancy.
(3) Receipt of the SoonerCare Application form or OKDHS form 08MA005E constitutes an application for SoonerCare.
(4) If OKDHS form 08MA005E is received and a SoonerCare application cannot be completed, receipt of OKDHS form 08MA005E constitutes an application which must be registered and subsequently denied. The applicant and provider are notified by computer-generated notice.
(5) A hospital providing services may file an electronic Notification of Date of Service (NODOS) form with OHCA up to five days from the date services are rendered. The hospital, applicant, or someone acting on the applicant's behalf has fifteen days from the date the NODOS form was received by OHCA to submit a completed SoonerCare application. Filing a Notification of Date of Service does not guarantee coverage and if a completed application is not submitted within fifteen days, the NODOS is void.
(b) Date of application. When an application is made online, the date of application is the date the application is submitted online. The date of application for a paper application is the date a signed application is received and stamped in by contracted agency partners or OHCA.  When a request for SoonerCare is made orally, and that request is followed within 20 days by a signed application, the documented date of the oral request is the date of application. When OKDHS form 08MA005E is received by OKDHS, or received by OHCA and forwarded to OKDHS, the earliest of the date stamps is considered the date of request and should be honored when followed within 20 days by a signed application for SoonerCare.
(c) Other application and signature requirements. For additional rules regarding other application and eligibility determination procedures, see Part 7 of Subchapter 5 of this Chapter.

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