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317:30-5-180.Purpose and general provisions
[Issued 02-01-07]
The purpose of this Part is to establish guidelines for the Oklahoma Prescription Drug Discount Program (OPDDP) under Title 59, O.S., Section 353.5 et seq. The Oklahoma Prescription Drug Discount Program (OPDDP) enables Oklahomans without prescription drug coverage to purchase prescription drugs at the lowest possible out-of-pocket cost through the OPDDP's pharmacy network. The Oklahoma Health Care Authority (OHCA) contracts with a Pharmacy Benefit Manager (PBM) to administer the program. The OPDDP does not purchase drugs.

[Issued 02-01-07]
The following words and terms, when used in this Part, have the following meaning, unless the context clearly indicates otherwise:
"Enrollment Fee" means the amount charged per individual to enroll in the OPDDP.
"Network" means a group of individual retail pharmacies that contract with the designated Pharmacy Benefit Manager to participate in the OPDDP and honor the discount offered through this program.
"Patient Assistance Programs (PAP)" means a program that some pharmaceutical companies use to offer medication assistance to low-income individuals and families. These programs typically require a doctor's consent and proof of financial status. They may also require the individual applying for their program either have no health insurance, or no prescription drug benefit through their health insurance. Each pharmaceutical company has specific eligibility requirements and application information. Neither OHCA nor the contracted PBM have any authority or responsibility for the structure of these private programs.
"Pharmacy Benefit Manager (PBM)" means the company contracted by OHCA to manage pharmacy networks, formularies, drug utilization reviews, pharmacotherapeutic outcomes, claims and/or other features of a pharmacy benefit.
"Prescription Drug" means a drug which can be dispensed only upon prescription by a health care professional authorized by his or her licensing authority and which is approved for safety and effectiveness as a prescription drug under Section 505 or 507 of the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act (52 Stat. 1040 (1938), 21 U.S.C.A., Section 301).
"Prescription Drug Coverage" means a payment or discount applied toward prescription drugs purchased by or for a consumer as part of a health insurance benefit.

[Issued 02-01-07]
In order to be eligible for the OPDDP, an individual must:
(1) be an Oklahoma resident;
(2) apply with the Pharmacy Benefit Manager (PBM);
(3) not have insurance to cover all or part of prescriptions;
(4) pay an enrollment fee when income is above 150% Federal Poverty Level (FPL); and
(5) provide verification of income to determine enrollment fee, co-pay, and eligibility for the manufacturer's PAP.

[Issued 02-01-07]
(a) Services provided through the OPDDP include a discount negotiated by the PBM for prescription drugs. The member purchases these discounted drugs with their OPDDP drug card at a Network pharmacy.
(b) The Patient Assistance Program (PAP) Application Assistance service provides a point of contact and applications to assist qualified members in applying for free or substantially reduced prices on prescription drugs through the manufacturer's Patient Assistance Programs.

[Issued 02-01-07]
Applicants should be advised that the knowing misrepresentation of income or other information constitutes fraud and could lead to prosecution and recoupment of funds expended on their behalf.

317:30-5-180.5.Pharmacy Benefit Manager
[Issued 02-01-07]
(a) The Oklahoma Health Care Authority (OHCA) will designate a PBM utilizing a competitive bidding process under state law.
(b) The designated PBM administers the OPDDP subject to administrative rules regulating the program and contract requirements placed upon the PBM.
(c) Per state law, all discounts must be passed through 100% to the member. No portion of any negotiated discount, rebate, or any other discount may be retained by the PBM to fund the OPDDP or for any other use.

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