OHCA Provider Letter 2019-20 Prior Authorization of Medications Used to Treat Lymphoma

As authorized by Oklahoma Administrative Code (OAC) 317:30-5-77.2, effective October 15, 2019, the Oklahoma Health Care Authority (OHCA) will require a prior authorization (PA) for the following medications: Adcetris® (brentuximab vedotin), Beleodaq® (belinostat), Calquence® (acalabrutinib), Folotyn® (pralatrexate), Istodax® (romidepsin), Poteligeo® (mogamulizumab-kpkc), Truxima® (rituximab-abbs), Zevalin® (ibritumomab tiuxetan), and Zolinza® (vorinostat).

If a SoonerCare member has a paid claim for one of these medications within the last 45 days, the medication will be “grandfathered”. A "grandfathered" drug that is obtained through the pharmacy claim system will automatically be prior authorized based on past claims.

Please view the Provider Letter in its entirety here: Provider Letter 2019-20.

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