Fall 2018 Provider Workshop

Focus Forward Oklahoma – Program Overview

Recommended Audience: Family Planning Providers

Description: The Focus Forward Oklahoma program was created to address issues related to contraceptive access in Oklahoma. The program is currently focusing on increasing access to and utilization of long-acting reversible contraceptives (LARC) such as intrauterine devices (IUDs) and the subdermal implant. There are three primary strategies being used to address barriers related to LARC access and utilization. These include: policy change, education, and communication. This class will provide an overview of the program including information about policy changes that impact family planning providers, opportunities for education on LARC, and resources available to providers. 

Presentation: Focus Forward OK

Medical Authorization Using InterQual®

Recommended Audience: Providers who submit medical prior authorizations related to Arthroplasty, Imaging and Pain Management procedures. Prior Authorizations for Behavioral Health, Dental, DME, Pharmacy, Therapy (OT/PT/ST) and Waiver are not included.

Description: Review of the medical prior authorization submission for InterQual® related procedures and provide resolutions to common errors within the InterQual® review.

Presentation: InterQual

OHCA in the Community: Introduction to OHCA Efforts in the Local Community

Recommended Audience: Practitioners, case managers, care coordinators.

Description: This class will be an introduction to OHCA's efforts in the local community to increase levels of care and access to care. Information about resources in the local community will be included as well as ways to connect to social service resources.

Presentation: Presentations are specifically tailored to the location of the workshops, be sure and use the presentation that is for the location you will be attending. Durant, Lawton, Oklahoma City, Tulsa

Oklahoma Tobacco Helpline and Medicaid Tobacco Cessation Resources

Recommended Audience: Practitioners, case managers, care coordinators.

Description: Provide participants with information about what the Oklahoma Tobacco Helpline is, how the Oklahoma Tobacco Helpline works, how it specifically serves Medicaid members, and how to make direct referrals for tobacco cessation to the Helpline. This class will also discuss Medicaid reimbursement for tobacco cessation screening.

Presentation: OK Tobacco Helpline

PICIS (PI Client Information Systems): Submitting Authorizations in PICIS

Recommended Audience: All SoonerCare outpatient behavioral health providers and staff who submit prior authorization requests into the PICIS system.

Description: A tutorial for submitting prior authorizations/CDC’s into the Department of Mental Health system – PICIS. We will go over the steps involved when submitting the different types of requests into the system.  This class is a how-to class and will not cover any clinical information. We will also cover eligibility and claim submission for outpatient behavioral health on the Provider Portal.

Presentation: PICIS

Portal Utilization Part 1

Recommended Audience: Account administrators, clerks, and all users of the Provider Portal.

Description: Come and discover the capability of the Provider Portal. The class will contain a general overview of the most effective way to set up your provider portal account to maximize security and productivity in your office. It will include clerk creation, eligibility, treatment history, and additional functionality in the Provider Portal.

Presentation: Portal 1

Portal Utilization Part 2 (Claims and Reconciliation)

Recommended Audience: Billing staff for all provider types, new and existing office staff.

Description: Take a deeper dive into additional useful options available on the portal. This class will be an overview of claims features on the portal including claims submission, resubmission, reconciliation of claims, and troubleshooting claim denials.

Presentation: Portal 2

SoonerCare Population Care Management Services

Recommended Audience: Any interested Primary Care or Obstetric clinicians, as well as referral coordinators, nurses, office managers, internal care management/social work staff.

Description: This class will cover the array of care management services offered by the OHCA’s Population Care Management Department. This is including but not limited to discussion of services for high-risk obstetrics, at-risk newborns, children with special needs, women in need of treatment for breast or cervical cancer, members in need of services outside of Oklahoma, and members requiring meals, lodging and specialty transportation assistance for qualifying provider visits. 

Presentation: SC Pop Care Mgmt

SoonerCare School-Based Services

Recommended Audience: Schools 12/120, school-based paraprofessionals 12/126, therapists who render IEP related services.

Description: This class will cover the requirements for rendering and billing SoonerCare for school-based health related services pursuant to an IEP.

Presentation: SC School Services

The HPV Vaccine in Cancer Prevention: The American Cancer Society Efforts to Increase HPV Vaccinatio

Recommended Audience: Pediatricians, Adolescent Medicine, Primary Care providers and all clinical & office staff associated with these specialties.

Description: The American Cancer Society will share the importance of improving HPV vaccination rates in Oklahoma and how this impacts public health.  This class will include tools, techniques, and resources that providers can use to raise awareness and acceptance of adolescent HPV vaccinations.

Presentation: HPV Vaccine

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