Fall 2017 Provider Workshop

Documentation Overview Class

Recommended Audience: All providers and billing staff.

Description: This class will give a general overview of what is required when submitting medically necessary documentation for timely filed claims, Third Party Liability claims, DME attachments and additional required information for claim and prior authorization resolutions. 

Presentation: Documentation Overview Class

EHR Incentive Program

Recommended Audience: Eligible professionals or point-of-contact staff members interested in or currently participating in the EHR Incentive Program. Not all provider types are eligible for this program; confirm your provider type is eligible for this program prior to registering for the EHR Incentive Program class.

Eligible providers include: physicians (medical doctors and doctors of osteopathic medicine); nurse practitioners and certified nurse-midwives; dentists; physician assistants who furnish services in a Federally Qualified Health Center or Rural Health Clinic that is led by a physician assistant; acute care hospitals (including cancer and critical access); and, children’s hospitals.

Description: The Electronic Health Records (EHR) Incentive Program provides a financial incentive to eligible providers and hospitals that adopt, implement, upgrade and demonstrate meaningful use of certified EHR technology. Learn the steps necessary to attest for the EHR Incentive Program and discover the most updated information on EHR, as well as a few handy tips learned from previous provider attestation experiences.

Presentation: EHR Incentive Program

Federal and State Authorities Policy

Recommended Audience: All provider types

Description: This class will cover information concerning newly implemented OHCA policy.

Presentation: Federal and State Authorities Policy

Patient Center Medical Home Updates and Reminders

Recommended Audience: All SoonerCare Choice Patient-Centered Medical Homes.

Description: The class will cover recent updates to processes affecting SoonerCare Choice primary care providers including the PCP referral process, the patient dismissal process, contract renewals and other timely information.  It will also cover reminders concerning contract and tier requirements.

Presentation: Patient Center Medical Home

Provider Enrollment Review

Recommended Audience: Persons who are responsible for enrolling providers and maintaining the provider file, including office managers and credentialing agents.

Description: This training session is an overview of the enrollment process and changes that have occurred in the Electronic Provider enrollment system.

Presentation: Provider Enrollment Review

SoonerCare Wellness Benefits

Recommended Audience: The class is for physicians, PA’s, nurse practitioners, nurse midwives, registered dietitians, OSDH nurse practitioners and RN’s and FQHC nurse practitioners and RN’s. Also for office managers and billing folks who work with these types of providers.

Description: SoonerCare has a robust tobacco cessation benefit and an underutilized nutritional services benefit. This class aims to educate providers on these benefits and how to bill, refer, and document appropriately. 

Presentation: SoonerCare Wellness Benefits

Understanding and Correcting Claim Denials – 2017 Edition

Recommended Audience: All SoonerCare provider types, billing staff and billing company staff.

Description: This course will review the top denials for all claims types.  It will walk providers through determining the true denial and how to correct these claims on the provider portal. Whether your claims are submitted on paper, through the Provider Portal, or through Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), almost all of them can be corrected on the provider portal.  This class is for providers that are familiar with the provider portal and can access the claims tab on the portal.

Presentation: Claim Denials

Vaccine for Children Provider Education & Training

Recommended Audience: Providers, Nurses, and Clerical/Billing Staff

Description: Course will provide education and training on the Vaccine for Children Program requirements, recommendations and best practices.  Guidance on storage and handling, eligibility and inventory management, and many other topics will be covered.

Presentation: Vaccine for Children

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