Healthy Adults

Preventive Services

Preventive services help detect health problems early and can keep you from getting really sick. Medical treatments usually work best in early stages of disease as well. SoonerCare pays for many preventive services to keep you healthy:

  • Physical exams and lab tests
  • Mammograms
  • Pap smears for cervical cancer screening
  • Family planning
  • Prescription medicines for management of chronic diseases

Preventive services also include monitoring and advice to help you take care of your own health:

Professional Advice

We have a team of medical professionals who help coordinate health care for SoonerCare members.

Care Management Department: (877) 252-6002
The SoonerCare Care Management unit has highly qualified professionals to assist you with complex medical situations.

Behavioral Health Services: (800) 652-2010
Behavioral health services provider information and mental health issues.

Additional health information